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UltraSpec Lab is pleased to offer the highest quality chemistry data in the industry while providing superior value added customer convenience along with our comprehensive Dietary Supplement and Nutritional testing services. UltraSpec Lab provides a wide range of testing services for Dietary Supplements, Food Safety and Pharmaceuticals.  To ensure that our customers are receiving the utmost in 3rd party laboratory testing due diligence, we follow all the major international method indexes, pharmacopoaes, and published methods with the backing of significant scientific consensus.

Our value proposition includes:

  1. Efficient turn-around-times,
  2. Method flexibility solutions,
  3. Analytical and regulatory consulting assistance,
  4. Efficient Quality Assurance and Quality Control assistance,
  5. High volume of test offerings for our clients and industry,
  6. Assay to matrix flexibility

We offer a wide range of analytical testing that can be categorized as follows:

  • Epigenetic Aging Clock
  • Dietary Supplements & Natural Products
  • Food
  • Contaminants & Food Safety