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Epigenetic Age Quantification Service based on AI

Epigenome is the hotspot of multi-omics research. In the post-genomic era, with the decreasing cost of high-throughput technology, massive genomics data and research results have made us more and more aware of the complexity of life phenomena. The current research fronts are increasingly inclined to take a multi-omics perspective: from genetics and epigenetics to transcription and metabolism, from mechanism to phenotype, to conduct integrated research to obtain global results.

UltraSpec Lab developed a revolutionary technique for human biological age prediction by using artificial intelligence and big data.  By send your blood sample, We are able to predict your real biological age, a measure of the average age at which your body is expected to function. We can help you to monitor how your body is capable of functioning and there is potential for even more diverse applications in the future. Epigenetics is related with changes of your biology due to modifications in gene expression rather than the change of genetic code itself. Factors that can affect your epigenetics include your diet, exercise habits, alcohol consumption, and stressors like sleepless nights.

Sample requirements:

1. Sample sample: Each sample sample is more than 2ug.

2. Sample concentration: The minimum concentration is not less than 50ng/ul.

3. Sample purity: OD 260/280 value should be between 1.7~1.9.

4. Sample quality: complete genome, no degradation, no RNA contamination, no other genomic DNA contamination.

5. Sample transportation: DNA is transported at low temperature (-20℃); and during transportation, please seal the sample with parafilm to prevent contamination.

We also provide data other than the epigenetic age in the report.